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New Charging Arrangements

From April 2018 water companies operating (wholly or mainly) in England have to charge for new water connections (mains and services) in accordance with Charging Rules set by Ofwat.  These rules replacing sections of (Water Industry Act) legislation.  (It is envisaged that water companies operating in Wales will convert to similar arrangements in 2019). In August 2017 (and agains in December 2018) Ofwat updated their New Connection Charging Rules and water companies now need to decide on their local charging arrangements, as Ofwat have decided that there will not be a standard charging framework across all companies (provided that charging is in accordance with the principles Ofwat has set out in their Rules).  Water companies do however have to set their charges in ways which retain the current balance in the proportion of costs funded by developers and by the water company themselves (which we argue comes from the subsidy they get from the lower costs incurred in serving newly supplied customers). In an attempt to try and achieve some commonality in the way companies charge Water UK (the association which water companies are members of) has, in April 2017, issued a consultation covering matters relating to future charging arrangements.  [Link to Water UK consultation]. Ofwat have also announced their intention to make some further changes to their water connection Charging Rules in 2020 These will dilute the income offset contribution sites requiring new mains receive as the ‘pot of money’ will be shared across all connections (i.e. including the circa 25% which are connected directly from existing mains). Because the new Charging Rules require changes to be made to Infrastructure Charges water company Licenses covering Condition C are being modified from next April. Fair Water Connections is engaging with Water UK, in their new connection charging co-ordination role, and this page will be updated with whatever information becomes available from Water UK and their, water company, members.
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