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Below is a summary of key news items and updates relating to self-lay across England and Wales. Some of these report what Fair Water Connections has been doing through lobbying for change, meeting with key stakeholders (including Ofwat and water companies), responding to consultations etc. Also included is information about what others are doing to improve the competitive new water connections market. Also see our Regulation page for details of what the Ofwat, the economic regulator for the sector has, and has not, being doing. Ongoing  1. Briefing FWC members on the changes to water mains and service charging by English water companies.  The new arrangements apply from April 2018 with the new charges published by the start of February 2018. Notes      - Company charging arrangements need to comply with Charging Rules issued by Ofwat      - Charging separates site specific works (from the ‘Point of Connection’) from Network Enhancements        (done by the water company to upgrade their systems and funded through Infrastructure Charges)      - Current focus is on connections in England as Ofwat has yet to consult over similar changes in Wales. 2. Prompting (English) companies about what, in our opinion, is necessary for them to comply with the Ofwat requirement to now publish on their websites all the information needed by SLPs to work in their area. [Read how badly we think companies are doing]. 3. Making certain that the ‘redress’ scheme Ofwat requires all (English) companies to have from April 2018 provides appropriate compensation when water companies fail to deliver work for SLPs. [Link to Ofwat Adoption Code]. 4. Related to the above a FWC priority is to get those water companies who look to view self-lay with, in our view, ‘distain’ to recognise the urgent need for behavioural change. 5. Ensuring that the Ofwat D-MeX (Water Company Developer Services Incentive, which could be in place in April 2020) proposal is set in ways which only offers rewards where companies are open to competitive water connection provision, 6. Helping SLPs to challenge paying any more than £20 administrative charges on each new water service, as this was the average amount Ofwat has recently determined is reasonable for water companies to charge.  (Some companies charging much more than the Ofwat confirmed figure, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water thinking it reasonable for SLPs to pay £132 on each connection!). [Link to Ofwat determination]. 7. Getting a new self-lay adoption agreement re-written so that it fairly balances water company sanctions and SLP freedoms to deliver work for their (developer) customers.  This fitting alongside the introduction of the new (standardised) CoP (which FWC instigated) and companies are now using.  [Link to latest CoP document]. Earlier Matters  1. Much FWC input with Defra, Ofwat and water companies themselves have fed into the way that the new charging rules are being advanced.  This does not mean that FWC is comfortable with all that is being progressed but this is what the regulators have decided to implement. 2. Apr 16 - FWC welcomes the publication by Ofwat of their Information Note (IN 16/06).  This covers general expectations about the minimal assurance terms a water company may seek in a self-lay agreement with accredited Self-Lay providers. [Link to IN 16/06] 3. Feb 16 (with the same true for data published in May 16) - FWC concerned that claimed Developer Services performance improvements are not helping SLPs (or their developer customers). Read our case study for our analysis. Particular concerns FWC has with the water company data (published by Water UK) The limited number of companies who show any self-lay activity; and, Falling performance against self-lay targets; and, Significant deterioration in 'terms issued' performance (where in-house provision can pass through to self-lay); and, Inconsistencies in self-lay volumes (passing through subsequent stages); and, That the self-lay element in 'headline performance' is minimal given that 94% of the work volumes relate to in- house activities. 4. Nov 14 - Water UK publish guidance on allocation and calculation of costs for self lay of water mains (their ref IGN 4-05- 01).  [Read Water UK Document].  Whilst FWC welcomes this 'best practice' guidance it is disappointed that:- many water companies have yet to adopt this guidance, and the guidance does not cover service connection charging (where there exists a range of charges, covering a wide variety of activities).
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