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Ofwat (Reference) Determinations

Reference determinations relate to charging arrangements that are, in England, no longer current.  However the published determinations give a feel for what is fair and reasonable. Although refering cases to Ofwat takes, in our view, far too long to get a response Ofwat does (eventually) publish determinations setting out their conclusions on cases they have investigated.  The Ofwat findings on historic cases are enforceable (so, on each case, water companies do need to settle in accordance with the Ofwat findings).  But whilst general principles from each case can be extracted there is no requirement for a case to change a water companies charging policy! Challenges against the latest Ofwat Connection Charging Rules are different and we await to see how willing Ofwat is to intervene when new cases are submitted. Links and References (to historic Ofwat cases) All Cases Published Determination Cases Open Determination Cases Self-Lay Related Cases (June 2018) Published final decision on a dispute with Bristol Water about their non-physical connection charge (administration charge) recovered on each self-lay service connection. (April 2017) Published final decision on the financial contribution that Bristol Water sought from Redrow Homes towards a water mains requisition covering a multi-phased site feed through a spine main. [Note - Ofwat received this case in 2006].  (March 2016) Published final decision on dispute about the provision of water infrastructure to development sites in the Anglian region (including detailing how income. to offset cost of provision, should be calculated) (February 2016) Published final decision on dispute involving Dwr Cymru about self-lay costs. (August 2015) Determination covering allowable contributions to significant off-site infrastructure (Wing scheme in Anglian Water). (April 2015 and unresolved) Appeal against Bristol Water about the terms it is seeking under a self-lay adoption agreement for service connections. (Dec 2014) Infrastructure Charge payments on a self-lay site (Stockmoor Village, Bridgwater in the Wessex Water area). (Feb 2014) Off-site infrastructure determination (at Parc Brymbo which feeds a self-lay site). Other references (April 2016) Enabling effective competition in the provision of new connections (document outlines key areas of Ofwat work in 2016). (March 2015) Competition Act decision following alleged abuse of dominant position by Bristol Water. (Sept 2014) Information Note 14/16 covering 'Improving Services for Customers on New Connections'. This outlines how water companies should provide, and charge, for new mains and services. (Oct 2011) Interest rates relating to charges for new connections (IN 11/05). Also see pages covering:- Regulation and the role of Ofwat Ofwat Reference Documents New Charging Arrangements  

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