FWC represents the interest of its members in facilitating fairness in the way that competitive water connections are offered FWC is a not-for-profit organisation which draws on volunteered time so that it can support worldwide provision of safe water services  

UK Membership

Fair Water Connections (FWC) is a membership association open to individuals and organisations.  A membership application form and information sheet (which includes membership subscription details) is available at the foot of this page. FWC offers a range of membership types. The main categories are:- Full Member,    and Enhanced Member Associate membership is also available to those who just require periodic updates. All members receive general information and updates covering competitive water connections work. Full/enhanced members receive access to help/guidance and can attend briefings, input into consultations and help prioritise the work of FWC. FWC operations are underpinned by the following principles:- FWC is a membership association which operates to an agreed constitution, FWC is responsive to the priorities of its members, FWC relies on volunteers so may not always be able to match the timeliness of responses provided by commercial service providers, whilst learning will be shared confidential commercial information is not divulged, guidance is provided in good faith, services are only provided to those holding current FWC membership, FWC members are encouraged to support water provision in developing countries. Links to more information about FWC membership:- New Member Information and Application Form Details of Membership Categories and Subscriptions Constitution
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Fair Water Connections

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