FWC represents the interest of its members in facilitating fairness in the way that competitive water connections are offered FWC is a not-for-profit organisation which draws on volunteered time so that it can support worldwide provision of safe water services  

Fairness Worldwide

In addition to seeking fairness in UK water supply provision, FWC has been set-up as a not-for-profit organisation which draws on volunteered time. This enables FWC to financially support charities, such as Pump Aid, who work internationally to give communities fairer access to safe water and sanitation. Pump Aid install sustainable Elephant Pumps and for every village where these are installed there are more children in school, fewer people with preventable water-related illness and more economic opportunities. The holistic services Pump Aid provides ensure that the water pump, once installed, is maintained sustainably and managed by the local community. According to a 2011 report diarrhoea is the third largest cause of death among adults in Malawi with unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene being the main causes of diarrhoea. FWC is doing what it can to help address the situation. variety of activities). The Elephant Pump Transformation Elephant Pumps are based on an ancient Chinese rope and washer design which Pump Aid has improved. It is easy to repair and maintain, cost effective and reliable. Some of the projects supported by Fair Water Connections In Gogwe In Mndenga
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Support Given to Pump Aid To date FWC has provided over £72,000 to Pump Aid. This has enabled 16 villages in rural southwest Malawi to each have an Elephant Pump and a school project providing water and toilets to be delivered. Link to details of the Chiphesi school project. Links below give more information about the new pumps in: Mkunda Gogwe Mpango Chipulumba Gambatula Mndenga Wilima Kasambwe Chapaika Tchika Maumsiyeko Pwanda Pwanda Kaphaidyani Jimu Chimbaka and, Chimbala Pump Aid have set themselves the challenging target of building another 3,000 Elephant Pumps across rural Malawi. Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Chairman of Pump Aid, says "it is only with the generous support of donors like Fair Water Connections that we have been able to provide over 8,000 of the poorest communities in sub-Saharan Africa with access to clean, safe water. But we have only just began. Together we will continue to work towards our goal of ending water poverty in rural Malawi once and for all". Link to information about the work of Pump Aid. Location of pumps provided by Fair Water Connections (Click image for larger version)

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